15 Frog Cake Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss

Frogs are adorable creatures — next, of course, to pandas, sloths, and alpacas (but maybe that’s just me). So I’m not exactly surprised that cute cartoonish frogs on top of cakes are becoming a fad and even taking the cake world by storm. In fact, if you search Instagram, you’d see that #frogcake is quite a trend, with over 20,000 results. That means you won’t run out of frog cake ideas if you or someone you love wants one for a special occasion.

Frog cakes are great for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and even weddings, especially if the celebrants are certified frog lovers — or are at least quirky. Though even if the celebrants aren’t, frog cakes have actually become so mainstream and popular that they are an ok go-to cake design.

I have planned many parties and celebrations, but this is the first time I am doing a frog-themed one. So join me as I sift through countless frog cake ideas and narrow my list down. You might find this guide helpful when you have to find the perfect frog cake for a loved one.

My Bottom Line Up Front

When I hear frog cake, my imagination automatically takes me to my favorite frog character of all time: Keroppi. You know, that frog created by Sanrio and is one of Hello Kitty’s friends?

So, if you ask me what kind of frog cakes I prefer, naturally I’d be fascinated with the ones with Keroppi on them.

It could be a fondant Keroppi cake like this:

Or a simple buttercream cake just like these:

Shortlisting Frog Cake Ideas

In looking for frog cake ideas, I picked the cakes that clearly have the frog element. They also need to have a polished and aesthetically pleasing look. These are also cakes that are easy to make and replicate if you decide to enlist a home baker or if you are making the cake yourself.

But even with these selection criteria, an overwhelming number of ideas still fit the mold. So I also looked into frog cakes that are not run-of-the-mill and less conventional. More specifically, these are frog cakes that showcase modern cake decorating trends or techniques. And since frog cakes are predictably mainly green, I find the more adventurous or playful in color combinations pretty unique.

Things to Consider Before Picking a Frog Cake

Before you decide to pick a frog cake design from these ideas, you need to consider a few things, though.

First, what size do you need your cake to be? Most frog cakes I’ve seen are small cakes that are perfect for small and intimate celebrations or affairs. I believe this is mainly because frogs are simple and no-fuss, aesthetically speaking, and with a frog on top of your cake, you wouldn’t need anything else, really. A big cake would mean a bigger blank space that you would need to fill, and if you add other decorative elements to fill the extra space, your frog would probably take a backseat.

Of course, another thing you’d need to consider would be your cake budget. Remember that the more complicated the design, the pricier your cake will be. The flavor of your cake will also affect pricing. More traditional flavors are cheaper than the new and sophisticated ones because they’d be using less common ingredients and more delicate or difficult baking techniques. However, you also need to make sure that you pick the type of cake and the flavors that your celebrant would love. So it’s really just a balance between these two.

Frog Cake Ideas

1. Kermit the Frog

Other than Keroppi, another favorite frog character is Kermit the Frog from The Muppet Show. You can definitely use Kermit as your cake inspiration. Here’s a fondant Kermit the Frog sitting on top of a cake with airbrushed frosting. Adding some height to the cake are fondant reeds and grass.

This kind of cake is easy to make at home if you know your way around fondant or gumpaste, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner. Getting the right shade of colors is tricky enough, but copying exactly how a popular character looks is even trickier. You wouldn’t want to make a Kermit the Frog cake and end up with something the guests wouldn’t be able to recognize.

Who says your Kermit the Frog has to be green, and that your cake has to be green or blue like almost all other frog cakes are? Dare to be different, like this bejeweled black drip cake. There’s no mistaking that silhouette of Kermit drinking coffee.

Now, if it were up to me, I’d pick a different color for the chocolate drip and for the buttercream swirls. Instead of blue, I’d probably use white, purple, or even silver, and then use the same color for the sprinkles. This cake is so out-of-the-box when it comes to frog cakes, but it’s very easy and simple that any amateur baker would be able to come up with a better version. In fact, you can use the same concept for a generic frog rather than Kermit.

Here’s a simple two-dimensional Kermit the Frog cake in fondant. All you need is cut out shapes from flat sheets of fondant to form Kermit. Decorating with fondant using this technique is easier and faster because you don’t have to mold and form three-dimensional shapes while making sure you got the proportions right. You just have to print an image of Kermit the Frog on a piece of paper or card to serve as your reference, cut out each component of the image according to their colors, and use these cutouts as patterns to trace on your fondant sheets.

You can also have fondant or gumpaste Kermit the Frog sitting on top of a fudge cake amid a pile of assorted chocolates dusted with gold.

This is a very contemporary look, and it’s actually very easy to do. All you really need are different kinds of chocolates, preferably in different shapes, sizes, and textures, and arrange them beautifully on top of the cake. You can do a gold drip like this, but if it were up to me, I’d do it all around the top edge and not just partially. And if you’re not confident about your fondant modeling skills, you can always get a Kermit figurine.

2. Frog Cookies

If you have not decided on how to go about adding the frog, you can do it in cookie form. You can decorate a frog-shaped cookie with royal icing, then use it as a topper. Using cookies are one of my favorite ways to design cakes, especially for kiddie parties, because they’re edible, and kids can just pluck them out from the cake. Cookies look really pretty, too, if you know a good cookie decorator. This cake has a buttercream pallet knife painting done in blue, white, green, and touches of pink, which are basically the colors of a lily pond. Topping the cake are macarons and a couple of frog sugar cookies sitting on a lily pad.

You can definitely make your own version of this cookie frog cake as long as you have decent palette knife and cookie decorating skills. The palette knife watercolor effect is easy to do, and actual watercolor painting experience is not required. And if you haven’t decorated sugar cookies ever, frogs are the perfect practice pieces because they’re very straightforward, and you don’t need a lot of colors.

3. Frog Macarons

You can also use macarons shaped as frogs as your cake toppers. Macarons are, after all, a modern decorating trend. So if you know how to bake them in various shapes and colors, or know someone who does, order a bunch of frog-shaped ones. This green sponge cake is topped with a big lump of cream, which holds the pyramid of frog macarons in place. To hide the gaps, the cake maker added strawberry slices and wedges.

As someone who finds macarons very fascinating, especially those with different shapes and designs, I’d grab every chance I get to use them on a cake. If you know how to make your own macarons, then this idea would be a piece of cake (pun intended). But if you don’t, just order green-colored ones from your favorite pastry shop then add the eyes using royal icing. You’d probably be done decorating your frog cake in half an hour — leaving you with enough time to attend to other party details.

4. Not Your Usual Froggy Color Combo

Try looking for frog cakes on the internet, and chances are you’d see a sea of green, perhaps bits of blue and even white. So any color combination that is far away from these three would be welcome.

Who would have thought lilac and green would go well together? Well, this lilac-colored buttercream cake shows us that they do. In fact, the cake itself, with its white daisies and rosemary sprigs, is pretty stand-alone, and the fondant frog on a lily pad looks like something separate altogether. In other words, there’s no cohesiveness between the cake and the frog topper. But hey, they don’t exactly look atrocious, either.

And this pink and white cake is about bunnies, lollipops, and all things sweet. But it looks like a frog got lost and made his way to the top of the cake… which is a great idea for a celebrant who loves frogs, too.

This cake, however, may be a tedious project if you are not used to working with fondant or gumpaste. All the decorative elements are created with fondant, and you can just imagine the patience it takes to form all these with your bare hands.

I’m sure you can guess what makes this cake extraordinary. It breaks away from the traditional green frog imagery and goes for a blue one with black spots. In real life, however, there is nothing cute about this frog, and people should stay away from it at all costs because it’s a blue poison dart frog.

This is another cake we ought to leave to skilled fondant artists because it’s a realistic-looking frog. Unlike cartoonish frogs, there’s really not much room for our own interpretation.

5. Frogs in Mud

Remember that pigs-in-mud cake that made rounds on the internet several years ago and has been replicated countless times by cake makers all over the world?

Well, you can do a frogs version of that, and it will be totally unexpected. But since frogs don’t frolic in the mud, you can make it a pond instead.

You see, what made the original pigs version of this cake go viral is the fact that it’s a simple concept and very easy for beginners to recreate. I can say the same thing about this frogs version. Fondant frogs are easy to form with your hands because they are made from basic shapes. Lily pads are not complicated either. Just cover the top of your cake with blue fondant frosting, add your fondant pieces, and wrap the whole side of your cake with KitKat bars.

6. Not Just a Cake Topper

The frog doesn’t always have to be on the cake because the cake can be the frog. Take this little fondant frog cake, for instance. It’s cute with her lashes, her blush, and her webbed feet.

Doing this will involve sculpting your cake to take the basic form of your frog’s body, which is probably easy if you have experience shaving your cake and modeling with fondant or gum paste. My only issue with this cake is that it obviously looks too small to feed more than four people. Will all the baking and sculpting and fondant modeling be worth it? Well, not if there’s more of you in the family, or if you have friends over. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a beautiful piece for the photo ops.

And I honestly can’t picture this cake being made bigger because a huge frog won’t be cute. Instead, it will look like a mutated monster. Unless, of course, that’s your jam. So if you love this particular cake idea but are also anticipating more people to share it, you can just make a bigger circular cake and have this as your second tier. Or you can make matching cupcakes.

7. Palette Knife “Watercolor” Painting

This buttercream cake features a Monet-inspired painting using a palette knife. That’s why it got me at first glance. It also has piped flowers and piped frogs sitting on top as a final touch.

You can totally recreate this cake if you have experience decorating with your palette knife. It may look easy to do, but decorating using this technique does involve artistry and a lot of hand control.

8. Number Cake

Number cakes are another favorite of mine when it comes to modern cake trends. That’s because this type of cake gives you more flexibility and creative license. A number cake can have all the trimmings, like chocolates, macarons, meringues, fruits, and anything fancy. This one is very simple, with just green, white, and yellow buttercream pipings and edible frogs on top. But hey, I’d totally do more. I’d use some fancy chocolates, some marshmallows, meringues, sprinkles, some strawberries, kiwi slices, and acrylic frog charms.

9. Pepe the Frog

Only the internet-savvy kind may be familiar with Pepe the Frog, the internet meme that is basically a green anthropomorphic frog who has a human-like body. He is also known as the sad frog meme. So if we’re talking about a frog cake for someone who definitely knows who Pepe the Frog is, then a Pepe the Frog cake would surely earn you a lot of laughter. This kind of cake would be perfect for an intimate party among close friends — you know, among people who would totally get the reference.

Here’s Pepe the Frog giving you some love. And it would be extra funny if you added some joke or meme lines there.

And this one’s Pepe the Frog celebrating your birthday with you. Again, add some text. It could be a meme, an inside joke, or a funny quote.

Pepe the Frog giving you and the rest of the gang the middle finger. I think a Pepe the Frog cake would be a waste if you don’t add any quotes in a dialogue box or a meme text. It’s a meme graphic in the first place, so it would help if you used that to your advantage.

10. Frog and Mushrooms

Let’s skip the pond for a second and explore the woods. Surely you’d see frogs on dry land, too. Check out this frog in a field of mushrooms. On a cake. The fondant mushrooms look so real, and you have to look again to see that the spongy moss is really just green sponge cake.

I like how this cake looks realistic, except for the cartoonish frog. It gives off a woodsy and whimsical vibe. If you have kick-ass gumpaste skills to make realistic mushrooms, maybe you can make your frog look like the real one, too.

11. Frog and Toadstools

This cake only has green and red, but it looks like the perfect color combination. The really cute frog and leaves are obviously done in gum paste, while the toadstool mushrooms are done in buttercream.

What I love most about this cake is the Christmassy feels it gives, thanks to the red-and-green color combo. The design has a straightforward concept, and it employs simple decorating techniques that any amateur or any home baker can try to execute.

12. Pastel Frogs

These cakes show that you can make frogs in soft green so they’d complement pastel-colored cakes. One cake is a lavender or lilac cake with white swirly pipings and ruffles, plus pink piped roses. The other cake has a pink and blue marbled frosting with pink and blue piped icing and white layered clouds.

Using pastel colors is a very great way to make a frog cake look feminine. And these cakes are easy to make if you know how to work with buttercream and a piping bag.

13. Frogs in a Garden

We’d find lots of frogs in the garden, too. That would give you an excuse to use as many bright colors as you want to use in a cake. Here’s a couple of fondant frogs on top of a cake, surrounded by colorful flowers and a bunch of colorful garden creatures like bees, butterflies, a slug, a caterpillar, and a ladybug.

This cake surprised me because I’m not one to use so many different colors together. I find it a risky move because it could go wrong really quick, and you’d end up with something campy. Needless to say, I’m an advocate of the less-is-more philosophy. But this one proved me wrong. I look at this cake and I get cheerful summer vibes. All the colors and all the shapes blended beautifully together. I think the secret is to make sure the various shades of colors that you use for your fondant complement each other well.

14. Elegant and Trendy Dried Flower Cake

Using dried bunnytail and pampas grass is a trendy cake decorating style. Using stencil to give more texture to your buttercream frosting is yet another. Apply these two trends together, and you have an elegant cake with a rustic feel. Now, who says you can’t plant a green fondant frog in there?

This cake is quick and easy to make. All you really need are a few stems of dried flowers, arrange them properly in a bunch, and stick them into the cake. Stenciling is also something any beginner can do. My only peeve about this cake is that the frog can be better.

15. Minimalist Frog

This buttercream cake has a stenciled side surface for a lovely texture. On top of it are minimalist and no-fuss fondant decorative elements like a frog, lily, and reeds. You won’t need really good fondant sculpting skills because the shapes are very simple and basic.

If you want to recreate this cake, you might consider going for a different shade of blue for your frosting, as well as for the stencil. You can do something lighter, like baby blue or powder blue. You might also want to just skip the stencil altogether and go for a ridged side.

16. Fondant Frog Cake and Cupcakes

Yes, I do see a lot of cakes with fondant frogs, but only a few cake makers have excellent fondant modeling skills and can make cute frogs with the right proportions. So when I see a frog cake with frogs that are done right, I know I got to put them on my list.

This cake looks smooth with its nicely done frogs and reeds. And these matching cupcakes with their own water lily and frog toppers are just adorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does a frog cake cost?

Answer: It depends. A frog cake’s price would depend on its size, what type of cake it is inside, the flavor of its filling, the type of frosting used, its decorative elements, and the complexity of its design, among others. And even if you already have a final design and specs for your cake, you’d still get different quotations for pricing if you ask different cake shops or cake makers. That’s because different cake makers have different skill levels, and you pay for that, too. Even with a similar design, no two cake makers would give you an exactly identical cake.

Question: How do I set a budget for a frog cake?

Answer: First, get your design ready. Or, if you don’t have a final design in mind, you should at least have an idea of what you want your cake to be, including the size and the flavor. Then, ask around. Contact your local bakeshops and cakemakers and get price estimates for your cake. You can now finalize your cake design or specifications according to these estimates and adjust for how much you would want to spend.

Question: What’s with frogs, and why are frog cakes a trend these days?

Answer: Frog cakes have taken over the internet, particularly social media, because many people just find them adorably cute. I’m talking about the cakes that feature those chubby, cartoonish buttercream frogs that sit on top of mostly little cakes. This trend just exploded during the pandemic, when most people turned to Instagram and Tiktok to get entertainment while in lockdown.


Frog cakes have become such a fad that if you are hard-pressed for a cake design, a frog cake would be a great choice. Frogs, after all, are very easy to draw or to create, may it be on paper, in buttercream, or in fondant. Plus, most frog cakes you’d see are small-sized cakes that are just perfect for small and intimate occasions. That means you wouldn’t have a hard time thinking about what other decorative elements to put in there because there’s not much blank space to fill. So go get a frog cake for your celebration!

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