16 JoJo Siwa Cake Ideas for Your Little Girl’s Birthday

Many girls look up to JoJo Siwa, thanks to her larger-than-life and youthful personality. I am not a fan, but I got to give it to her for coming up with her own style and her own brand. Little girls just love the YouTube sensation for her big signature hair bows and her sparkly and colorful outfits.

But just what do you do if you ask your birthday girl what cake she wants, and she tells you she wants a JoJo Siwa one? How does one make a cake inspired by a real person? Well, you’d be surprised to know that there are many JoJo Siwa cake ideas online.

I admit that when my friend, Janice, asked me to help her plan a JoJo Siwa party for her nine-year-old daughter, I had to take a moment before I could say yes because I wasn’t familiar with the name. I had to ask Janice what JoJo Siwa is, thinking it’s a cartoon show or character.

After her explanation, my first thought was: This is going to be difficult. I assumed that, since JoJo is a YouTube star, it would be challenging to plan a party around her because there probably won’t be a lot to see online. I also thought that a JoJo Siwa party for Janice’s daughter would be truly one-of-a-kind because I’ve never heard of one before.

But then I saw her YouTube videos and looked her up online. And, boy, was I wrong! JoJo Siwa has her own style and even her own brand of merchandise. Even a search for JoJo Siwa cakes on Instagram would give you close to 13,000 hits. Apparently, I was just hiding under a rock.

My Bottom Line Up Front

Call me crazy, but my favorite JoJo Siwa cake idea would be — first and foremost — one that does not have JoJo Siwa’s face, name, or logo on it. I wouldn’t want the cake to look like JoJo is the one having the birthday. I still prefer the birthday girl’s name on it, and if there’s going to be a face on that cake, it has to be hers.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’d prefer a number cake in soft pastel colors. That’s because, with a number cake in general, you can get creative with your decorative elements. You can use chocolate-dipped strawberries, mini donuts, molded chocolates, macarons, meringues, icing swirls, cookies, and other little accessories. You can then use charms, paper toppers, or customized cookies to introduce your theme.

Take this number cake, for instance. The rainbow colors alone fit the JoJo Siwa party theme. But to seal its fate as a JoJo Siwa cake, there’s a bow and JoJo Siwa’s logo made of glittery paper. Of course, I think you can do away with the JoJo logo and instead do your birthday girl’s name using the same font.

Selecting JoJo Siwa Cake Ideas

Looking at all the JoJo Siwa cakes online, my only criteria for selecting cake ideas are aesthetic value, good craftsmanship, and a semblance of order.

JoJo Siwa is all about colors, big hair bows, and all things girly and sparkly. With all these elements, it’s easy to get carried away. In fact, so many of the JoJo Siwa cakes I have seen are a visual overload, with too many things going on.

Looking at so many cakes in all the colors of the rainbow and with a smorgasbord of decorative elements — from lollipops to fondant bows to hearts and stars in all shapes and sizes — they can get too much.

As such, I try to go for cake ideas that reflect JoJo Siwa’s style but also practice some restraint.

JoJo Siwa Cake Ideas

1. Rainbow Drip Cake

One of the things little girls love about JoJo Siwa is her unapologetic use of colors. So if your birthday girl is also about colors, then give her exactly that. And make it a modern-looking cake by applying the drip method, which is basically just chocolate dripping down from the top.

This two-tier buttercream cake comes in many colors, with dripping white chocolate. It is decorated with meringues, molded chocolates in various shapes and colors, and ice cream cones with a swirl of buttercream on top.

I like how this cake doesn’t have a photo of JoJo Siwa on it, making it kind of ambiguous theme-wise. Even with a Candyland or rainbow theme, this cake would also fit the bill.

Here’s another take on a rainbow drip cake: rainbow topper, rainbow-colored stars, rainbow-colored sprinkles, and even rainbow-colored chocolate drip on white buttercream. Yet, even with all these colors, the cake doesn’t look blindingly overwhelming. The secret is in its white and clean background.

2. Number Cake

I’ve already mentioned why I love number cakes. Here are a few more examples: This number 6 cake has well-made decorative elements. It has custom JoJo Siwa cookies, colorful buttercream swirls, and metallic pearl sprinkles. Now, if only the cake is big enough, so its decors don’t overshadow its form — because let’s admit it, we have to look at the cake very closely before we could see that it’s actually a number 6 cake.

It’s nice how this number cake is not too colorful and has photos of the birthday girl in edible frames. It has white chocolate- and sprinkle-covered strawberries, lilac buttercream swirls, and JoJo Siwa paper toppers.

My one peeve about this cake is the fact that it looks overly naked if there ever was a term. So if I could improve it, I’d cover up those exposed edges. I’d use different-sized piping tips for those swirls to ensure all the top space would be covered. I’d probably take the plastic wrapper off those lollipops, too.

Here’s another take on a number 6 cake. The swirls are more colorful, and there are JoJo Siwa paper toppers spread out in measured intervals. It’s pretty simple and basic, so you can definitely do something like this in less than half an hour. But maybe you could take out half of those paper toppers and throw in three white or pink macarons and three bars of white or pink chocolates — to mute out the many colors.

3. Sprinkles and Macarons

Macarons are a trendy decorative element for cakes these days. So you can put a bunch of them on top, then add colorful swirls and sprinkles. You can also place JoJo Siwa’s logo up front, so the JoJo Siwa theme is out there.

What I love about this cake is that it shows you that you can make something colorful while also using colors sparingly. I’d love for the macarons to be in a certain pastel color or two so that they’d match the swirls and sprinkles.

4. Candyland Cake

Using candies to decorate your JoJo Siwa cake allows you to go as colorful as you’d like. This cake may be too colorful for some people, but if it’s the birthday girl’s style, then go for it. The buttercream is in blue and yellow, the drip is in pink, there are colorful sprinkles at the base, star sprinkles on top, and lollipops in rainbow colors. A JoJo Siwa topper serves as background, too.

And here’s another take on the JoJo Siwa candyland cake. Aside from the colorful lollipops, there are also a bunch of colorful bows on top of the cake.

5. Butterfly Cake

I love how this cake chooses to focus on two colors — blue and lavender — making it look more feminine than childish. The butterflies make it look a bit dainty, too. Even the JoJo Siwa logo on top of the cake is done differently color-wise. Without the logo, nothing else on this cake would tell you it’s a JoJo Siwa-themed one.

Here’s another butterfly cake that takes the JoJo Siwa theme to a higher level. I love how it has two layers, with one layer covered in aquamarine frosting and the other layer in pink. Touches of pink and lavender are added to the frosting with a palette knife.

On top of the cake are swirls, chocolate balls, and pearl sprinkles in the same hues. So yes, your cake can still be colorful even with just three colors. In fact, the result is really pretty. The butterflies give the cake more dimension.

6. Pastel Rainbows, Sprinkles, and Bows

Bows and rainbows are two objects that have come to be associated with JoJo Siwa. So use them to your advantage. These decorative elements, however, look so much lovelier in pastel colors.

This cake shows you how you can do a JoJo Siwa theme perfectly. The pastel bows and rainbow were done exceptionally well, and I love how the sprinkles are draped diagonally, each piece of sprinkle carefully placed on the cake and amply spaced from each other.

Here are other bows and rainbow cakes in much softer colors. The cake looks very colorful without yelling it out. I also love how the sprinkles look like they’ve just been dumped on top of the cake.

And here’s a much smaller version of the pastel rainbow and bows cake.

Don’t you just love how these cakes don’t have JoJo Siwa’s face or logo on them? In fact, if you’re not familiar with JoJo at all, these are just plain bows and rainbow cakes. So you better have other JoJo Siwa elements in your party to set the record straight, like maybe JoJo Siwa buntings or banners.

This cake looks really good — from the striped pastels on the buttercream frosting, pastel pearls, and pastel confetti sprinkles. And just so there’s no room for error regarding its being a JoJo Siwa cake, plant a paper-crafted JoJo Siwa topper on it.

If you think you’ve seen all different kinds of pastel rainbow and bow cakes, well, here’s another one. The rainbow arches to the side of the cake, giving it a more unique form factor. And instead of sprinkles, this cake uses fondant hearts and stars. The quilted number 5 topper is quite one-of-a-kind, too.

7. Rainbow Ice Cream Swirls

Tell me it’s a JoJo Siwa cake without telling me it’s a JoJo Siwa cake. Use colorful swirls and rainbow ice creams, and finish things off with hearts, stars, and sprinkles. This cake is pretty easy to recreate at home. As long as you know how to pipe cream or icing, you’re good to go.

8. Palette Knife Art

Do you know what else is trendy when it comes to cake decorating techniques? Use your palette knife to “paint” colors on your buttercream “canvas.”

This cake did exactly that, and it looks lovely. Because colorful swirls piped on top and colorful sprinkles aren’t enough to make it a JoJo Siwa cake. So you need to go extra. And as long as you have a palette knife and some extra buttercream, consider the problem solved.

9. Dream Cake

Parents also love JoJo Siwa because of the way she uses her platform to inspire little girls to dream big and to go for them. And JoJo made sure to become a good role model. After all, she did start as an ordinary girl who was brave enough to put herself out there.

So why not use your cake as a platform to deliver JoJo’s message? This cake encourages your birthday girl to follow her big, crazy dream. And while you’re at it, add a couple of bows she could keep and wear.

10. Unicorn Cake

I haven’t seen all JoJo Siwa videos to know how a unicorn fits into all of these, but it seems to be a recurring element or feature in the JoJo Siwa cakes I’ve seen. And since unicorns are also quite trendy these days, why not add one to your cake? I don’t know why but I’m quite sure any girl who loves JoJo loves unicorns, too.

This JoJo Siwa cake is pretty unique because it uses a bow fashioned from colored paper as a topper. The unicorn cookie (or is that a macaron?) as the main attraction also adds to the uniqueness factor.

This unicorn JoJo Siwa cake is one of my favorites. I love how a colorful unicorn is skillfully hand-painted on a flattened sheet of fondant using edible paint.

11. Candyland and Disco Balls

More than anything, JoJo Siwa loves to perform. She actually made her debut as a dancer, then showed girls that she could also sing. So, aside from colors, rainbows, candies, ice cream, bows, and hearts, disco balls appropriately symbolize her. Add some little disco ball ornaments to give your cake that extra sparkle and glitter it needs.

This candyland cake has disco balls, and they made a lot of difference. They surely give the cake the additional wow factor. I have to admit, though, that it’s the handpainted JoJo Siwa graphic that drew my eyes.

And this one is another version of the disco ball cake. The disco ball ornaments for this cake are colorful and not just silver.

12. BowBow Cake

JoJo Siwa has a teacup Yorkie she named BowBow. And BowBow is just as popular as JoJo. In fact, when you get JoJo merchandise, like stickers, you’d see BowBow there, too.

This cake even made BowBow the star of the show, so JoJo had to take the backseat for once. BowBow is sculpted from fondant, and it’s pretty impressive. I think that with all the colors going on, the brown dog gives us a spot to focus our eyes on so they can rest.

You can also use a BowBow topper that’s printed on paper. However, I think BowBow, and everything else on top of that cake look very crammed together.

13. Simple and Toned-Down

Some people go easy on the colors and opt for a toned-down look for their cakes. This demonstrates that there are ways to make a JoJo Siwa cake without making it look like you had way too much fun at the Crayola factory.

This cake decided to just focus on white and pink. It has a little bit of blue and lavender in the sprinkles, with just tiny specks of yellow.

This white drip cake has blue, pink, and yellow in very cute measures. I love how it uses sugar crystal sticks, pink swirly lollipops, a handmade paper topper, and a bright yellow bow.

Now, this cake has all the colors of the rainbow but in soft and muted tones. It’s nice how it uses sprinkles sparingly, too.

14. Ice Cream and Lollipops

Serious question: What’s with JoJo Siwa and ice cream? Doesn’t matter. It seems like ice creams are another common feature in these JoJo cakes.

This pink cake has ice creams and lollipops made from flat sheets of fondant. While this kind of cake is definitely easy to recreate, it might take more time than any non-fondant cake.

15. Balloon Toppers

We’ve seen lollipops, candies, bows, and rainbows as toppers. Use balloons to make your cake different. These are pretty cool and fancy balloon, cloud, and star toppers. My only complaint about this particular cake?

Two JoJo Siwas on it are too many. In fact, I’d take a photo of my little girl in her favorite outfit and wearing her favorite bow on her ponytail, doing her best JoJo pose, and have it printed for the cake. Just her picture on it and none of JoJo Siwa.

16. Lollipops and Cookies

Cookies are another favorite of mine when it comes to cake decorations because decorating cookies with royal icing is an art itself. And I like how you can just pick up a cookie from the cake if you don’t feel like taking a slice on a saucer.

This pretty pastel cake has heart-shaped pastel cookies, along with a bow, a bunch of lollipops, and buttercream swirls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do little girls like JoJo Siwa?

Answer: Many little girls like JoJo Siwa because she has a relatable sense of style. JoJo loves wearing colorful clothes, tying her hair with gigantic hair bows, and accessorizing. These are things that girly girls find really cute and worth admiring. Of course, we can talk about her inspiring content and message, but little girls mostly like her for what they see. They don’t necessarily analyze JoJo’s content.

Question: Are JoJo Siwa cakes for girls only?

Answer: Statistically speaking, JoJo Siwa does have a following that’s made up mainly of little girls. However, these days, nothing is ever exclusive for girls or for boys anymore. Society has been working hard to break away from gender stereotypes. So if there are boys who love JoJo Siwa and they ask for a JoJo Siwa cake for their birthday, then get them one. Use your creativity to make it look less girly if that’s what concerns you.

Question: What do JoJo Siwa fans call themselves, and how huge is this fan base?

Answer: JoJo Siwa fans call themselves “Siwanatorz.” She has over 60 million followers on social media and more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube. Her fans are mostly preteen girls and younger. With JoJo coming out as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, many girls who were not fans of her style have also started to look up to her as an inspiration for living their true non-heterosexual selves.


You might think all JoJo Siwa cakes would look the same because her brand is about being colorful, sparkly, cute, and girly. You might also think that for a JoJo Siwa cake to fit the theme, it has to have her face on it. But there are several different ways to decorate a JoJo-inspired cake. There are plenty of JoJo Siwa cake ideas that don’t have to use her face, that doesn’t have to be an explosion of rainbow colors, and that don’t have to use those gigantic hair bows.

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