Max and Ruby Cake Ideas Your Kids Would Love


Many kids who grew up on Nick Jr. within the past two decades or so are familiar with Max and Ruby, which is an animated series about the adventures of two bunnies. The show is just cute and wholesome. For parents like me, it’s one of those shows we’d gladly allow our young kids to watch unsupervised.


In fact, most of the children in our family love it so much that a Max and Ruby theme for a party is always in the top three list of choices. So when I say I have some Max and Ruby cake ideas up my sleeves, I am not kidding.

Let’s be honest: the problem with a Max and Ruby cake ideas is that you can’t find a lot of samples online. While kids may be familiar with the show, it isn’t exactly as popular as the others and they may not find it as visually stimulating either.

So it will be a challenge to come up with multiple ideas when there aren’t too many out there. Fortunately, after being a party planner for over a decade, I already know a way around this problem.

My Bottom Line Up Front

I have to admit that one of the things that attracted me to Max and Ruby is the fact that they are bunnies and I love everything Peter Rabbit (by Beatrix Potter). So I gravitate toward cakes that give off Peter Rabbit vibes. This basically means soft pastel and earth tones.

Here’s an example:


As you can see, there are no bright and vibrant colors here. Even the fondant trees and the grass are in a soft shade of green. I also prefer to print Max and Ruby as edible images instead of sculpting them in fondant. That’s because most of the cakes that do Max and Ruby manually, whether in fondant or piped icing, seldom get their faces accurately.


Selecting Max and Ruby Cakes

Selecting Max and Ruby cake ideas can be challenging because there aren’t too many to choose from. However, it may also have made things easier at the same time. What do I even mean by that?

For one, you won’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of hits when you do your search. Getting so many search results can be so daunting that you wouldn’t know where to begin. Additionally, with a manageable number of results, you don’t have to sift through the ideas presented to you.

Moreover, seeing limited sample ideas online allows you to get those creative juices flowing. With very few choices, you’re bound to think of ways to make your cake look more unique and to give it an added twist.

What I’m basically saying here is that when selecting Max and Ruby cake ideas, I just had to look at their aesthetic value. But I am going to give you some tips on how you can improve a particular cake and make it look so much better. I am also taking some examples of other cakes and giving you some ideas on how you can incorporate the Max and Ruby theme into them.

Max and Ruby Cake Ideas

Max and Ruby’s House in Fondant + Paper Toppers


This cake has Max and Ruby’s house in 2D using flat sheets of colored fondant. You can put it on the side of your cake so it faces the front. Doing the decorative elements in 2D on a flat sheet of fondant is an easier alternative for those who cannot sculpt 3D figures perfectly.


I also like how this cake uses printouts of Max and Ruby on paper. That way, there’s no confusing your cake as anything other than a Max and Ruby cake because you’d be sure these two adorable bunnies would look exactly how they ought to look. In other words, you don’t have to contend with a poor imitation of Max and Ruby.

Tip: You don’t really need to be good at shaping fondant or gumpaste if you are doing a flat design. You can print Max and Ruby’s house, for instance, on paper, then cut the different parts according to their colors: the roof, the door, the main house, the windows, and the fence.

You can then use these cutouts as patterns for your colored fondant sheets. You can apply this same technique with cartoon figures, too, so that you could replicate their looks and their features more accurately.

2D Max and Ruby Fondant Toppers


You can also do Max and Ruby in 2D fondant. As I said, it’s easier to get the figures looking more like them when you cut and assemble them from flat fondant sheets than when you sculpt them as 3D figures. If you don’t have mad fondant sculpting skills, you might not get their faces the way they should look.


3D Max and Ruby Fondant Toppers

If you or someone you know can do fondant art perfectly and can replicate and shape cartoon characters accurately, then put that talent to good use!


This fondant cake looks absolutely gorgeous with three-dimensional Max and Ruby on a picnic blanket. Their facial features are painted on with edible paint because it’s actually easier and finer to do it this way than use strips of black fondant for their eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Even that little tree looks perfect.


Max and Ruby Fondant Paintings as Toppers


Another idea worth considering is using fondant paintings of Max and Ruby as your main cake decor. You can flatten white fondant with a rolling pin, making sure it’s not too thin and it’s sturdy enough. You can paint Max and Ruby on this fondant sheet using edible paint and a fine brush. After the painting is done, cut it along its outline.


Here’s a video to see how it’s done:



Max and Ruby Cookies


Using customized cookies like these is one of my favorite ways to decorate a cake. You can ask a cookie artist to decorate the cookies using royal icing.


You can get your cookies printed if you know someone who has an edible ink printer. Yes, there are printers that can translate or print images on royal icing. Check this out:

Once you have your custom sugar cookies, you can prop them up on top of your buttercream cake or on the side. You can use other modern cake decorating trends so your cake doesn’t look too bare. For example, you can add some dried flowers to give it more height, you can add macarons and meringues, or you can also add isomalt lollipops.

This cake, for instance, would look great if you transformed it into a Max and Ruby cake by adding your decorated cookies:



Max and Ruby Edible Cake Wrapper

Using an edible wrapper around your cake is another great way to present a theme. An edible wrapper is a sheet of wafer or rice paper printed with your chosen image using edible ink. You wrap this sheet around the side of your buttercream cake.

You can get a wrapper paper printed with your favorite Max and Ruby image. You don’t need to have your own edible printer for this because you can order your printed edible wrapper from online sellers.


This one is an example of a Max and Ruby cake wrapped in printed edible paper. The piped buttercream grass keeps the top of the cake from looking bare.


If I had it my way, however, I’d look for a better image to be printed. I think the image used for this cake was too small to cover the entire circumference, so it was printed side by side. Maybe you can ask an artist to edit the image for you and come up with a wider design so the wrapper would look continuous.

Max and Ruby Number or Letter Cake

Number and letter cakes are one of the modern cake design trends. It is usually a two-layer tart-based cake shaped in a number or letter. In between the two layers of cake is piped cream. More cream is piped on top and is then decorated with meringues, macarons, cream swirls, chocolates, flowers, fresh fruits, sprinkles, and charms that represent your theme.

Here’s an example of a number cake:


Now, when doing a Max and Ruby number or letter cake, you can use Max and Ruby cupcake toppers or just plain printouts as decorative charms. Place them at random intervals on top of your cake.


You can also use Max and Ruby sugar cookies, like these:


Tip: While you can get creative with your toppers when doing a number or letter cake, you still need to be mindful of the colors you use. Don’t get carried away. Be sure that the colors of all your decorative elements and your themed toppers blend well together. Otherwise, your cake would look like one confusing mess.


This letter cake, for instance, is done in pale pink and pale green, with mint leaves for the splashes of lush green. I think this color combination would look nice with Max and Ruby toppers.



Ruby’s Pink Cake and Max’s Mud Cake

When you do a search for Max and Ruby cakes on the internet, you’d see a lot of lopsided pink cakes with yellow icing swirls on top and colorful star and heart sprinkles. It’s because that was Ruby’s cake when they had a bake-off for their grandmother’s birthday. She called it an angel surprise cake with raspberry fluff icing.


So why not replicate that very cake?


If Ruby made a cake, Max did too! His was basically a pile of dirt they called an “earthworm cake with red hot marshmallow squirters.”


Of course, you can’t do the exact same cake. Instead, you can make a chocolate cake with crushed Oreos to make it look muddy, then add candy worms and raspberries or red chocolate-covered marshmallows.


Now here’s a video tutorial on how you can make Ruby’s and Max’s cakes:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does a Max and Ruby cake cost?

Answer: It really depends. A Max and Ruby cake will be priced according to size, flavor, and design. Of course, the bigger the cake, the more expensive it will be.
The cake, filling, and frosting flavors will also affect pricing significantly because of the ingredients needed. The design also dictates cost because it involves different decorative elements and a different skill set. Cake prices also depend on the baker or cakemaker, too.
If you want to be in control of the overall cost and have significant savings, you can bake and decorate the cake yourself.

Question: How do I set a budget for a Max and Ruby cake?

Answer: First, you must decide where you’re making the cake yourself or ordering it from your favorite cake shop. It’s easier to set a budget if you’re making the cake yourself because you can simply check how much the ingredients and the decorative materials would cost — provided, of course, that you already have all the necessary baking equipment and tools.
Meanwhile, if you’re ordering it from a professional, they will factor in the cost of labor, profit, and use of utilities and equipment, too. In other words, estimating the cost would be difficult. The only way to set a budget is to call your cake shop, or several cake shops, describe the cake you have in mind, and ask them for a quote.

Question: Why can’t I find many Max and Ruby cakes online?

Answer: Max and Ruby-themed cakes are not as popular as those with themes based on other shows like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and My Little Pony. I can only guess that it’s because Max and Ruby isn’t as visually stimulating for kids. I believe that’s because the colors they use on the animated show are not as bright and vivid.


You may not find many samples of Max and Ruby-themed cakes online, but there’s always a way around it. Your Max and Ruby cake ideas should not be limited to what you can see on the internet.

Instead, take inspiration from other cakes, even if they are not exactly of the same theme. Get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with various designs and decorating trends. You can always incorporate the theme by adding paper toppers, figurines, or custom cookies.

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