The 15 Best Rose Gold Cake Ideas

Looking for the best rose gold cake ideas? That was me a few weeks ago. I was looking for ideas for a rose gold cake for my mom’s birthday, but after falling down a rabbit hole with all the options, I decided to make it easy for other party planners and bakers. With all the great ideas I found, deciding on the best cake decorations proved to be more challenging and time-consuming than I bargained on at the start.

I bet you don’t want to fall down the rabbit hole I did, and if you are short of time, it is best to have a guide to excellent and unique ideas, like the one I have compiled for you here.

Just one short note if you aren’t sure about rose gold as a color: rose gold is a color that works well with many other colors, and it’s ideal for any occasion – birthday party, baby shower, gender reveal party, wedding anniversary, mother’s day, and many more. 

My Bottom Line Up Front 

I prefer rose gold cakes where rose gold is a prominent color on the cake. I am obsessed with butterflies, so the cute butterfly rose gold cake by is my favorite. 

This cake is versatile. The butterfly rose gold cake can be a birthday cake for a little girl, teen, or lady of any age, and it can also work as a boho wedding cake. 

Your Rose Gold Cake Checklist 

Your Rose Gold Cake Checklist 

When planning a cake, no matter what you are celebrating, you should keep a few considerations in mind: 

Cake Colors 

Rose gold, also called pink gold because it combines pink (or copper) with gold, is a golden-tinged pink. It’s also sometimes called red gold, depending on how the sun shines on the unique color. 

Rose gold symbolizes luxury, style, affluence, elegance, femininity, calmness, and romance. 

When it comes to cakes, you can use rose gold’s meaning to decide on a theme for your cake. And while many consider rose gold to be a girly color, it can work for a guy’s cake. 

The best part about rose gold is that it is such a versatile color. You can make rose gold the focal point of the cake, or it can be a background color. Rose gold can even be used as a contrast or merely a complementary color. 

Choose classy color combinations that work with rose gold like: 

  • White
  • Light gray
  • Beige, cream, or champagne
  • Yellow
  • Mint
  • Deep rose
  • Teal
  • Sky or baby blue
  • Navy
  • Black
  • Aqua 
  • Lilac 
  • Forest green
  • Olive green 

You can also choose a monochromatic cake with colors that are similar to rose gold: 

  • Pink 
  • Gold 
  • Coral 
  • Dusty rose 
  • Rose quartz 
  • Rosewater 
  • Copper 

To help you decide on the colors for the cake, you can look at rose gold color palettes like this rose gold, aqua, mint palette, or this rose gold, navy, and shades of gray palette. I like the rose gold color palette that features mauve, emerald green, and a raindrop color. 

Cake Flavor 

The rose gold cake flavor can be any flavor you’d want your cake to be. 

You can opt for classy vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, raspberry, red velvet, chocolate fudge, coconut lime, ginger spice, or even choose funky cake flavors like spiced pumpkin molasses, chocolate cinnamon, spiked red velvet, or lemon-rosemary. 

The most crucial aspect here is that the cake should taste as decadent and delicious as it looks when decorated in rose gold. 

Cake Size 

The size of your cake is an essential component. You need to know how many mouths the cake needs to serve. 

You can generally cut 12 well-sized slices from a standard cake. And if you have many guests, you can also go for cupcakes, cake pops, or several smaller-sized cakes. 

Your Budget 

Budget is always a factor when we need to buy or DIY something. While there are some very elaborate cake designs, the fancier the cake, the more you pay. 

While you certainly want a beautiful cake for the festivities, and the decoration is what people see first (and what you’ll see in photos), the cake’s taste ultimately matters. 

I don’t mean you can disregard the cake decor in its entirety. A minimal cake design is sometimes more stunning than a cake that’s too busy – decor-wise. 

So no matter your budget, there’s a cake idea out there that will be the talk of your party. 

The Cake Maker 

Lastly, who is baking the cake? Or, in this case, decorating it. 

If you want to DIY your rose gold cake, the decoration option should match your skillset. If you have a lot of time to practice, you can go for something more involved, but if you are limited on time and budget, then simpler is better. 

If you are custom ordering a cake from your local bakery, you can take a picture of the cake you want. But I’m sure you’ve heard about the horror stories where someone ordered a cake, only it didn’t look like Little Mermaid but rather a nasty ocean monster, or where a name on a cake was misspelled.

When selecting the baker, choose someone reputable, so when you fetch the cake, it IS the cake you ordered. 

Rose Gold Cake Ideas: What Are My Criteria? 

All of the ideas I’ve shared below are visually pleasing. This was my main criteria. But I was also focused on choosing various ideas that will work for any kind of celebration you are planning. 

I also looked at the colors on the cake – a rose gold element at minimum was a must. I chose some monochromatic rose gold cakes, a few where rose gold provides a contrasting color, and a few exciting options. 

Regarding the cake design, I chose minimalist options, fancy ones, and the in-between ones. I also looked at the newest cake design trends and included a few of these if you are trend-conscious. 

15 Rose Gold Cake Ideas

You are probably more than ready to see what I chose for the best rose gold cake ideas. Here they are! 

1. Rose and Marble Rose Gold Cake 

Rose and Marble Rose Gold Cake 

One rose gold cake idea that caught my eye is the rose and marble rose gold cake by The cake features a rose gold marbled outer finish, but part of the center of the cake is open to resemble a rose gold geode. I think of pink Himalayan salt or pink quartz when I look at the geode. 

The cake is decorated with cream, light pink, and dark purple cascading roses in various growth stages, offset with golden leaves. 

Overall, the cake is elegant and looks too pretty to eat. It’s quite a masterpiece. 

2. Aqua and Rose Gold Roses Cake 

Aqua and Rose Gold Roses Cake 

The aqua and rose gold roses cake by Chalane Smith has a marbled aqua finish with hints of gold and rose gold. The cascading roses in cream, champagne, light pink, and mauve complement the aqua and rose gold, while the gold leaves and branches add a touch of whimsy to the dreamy cake. 

This rose gold cake is perfect for weddings. 

3. Pink Rose Gold Double-Tier Cake 

Pink Rose Gold Double-Tier Cake

If you are looking for a rose gold cake that’s pinker, this double-tier pink rose gold cake by Elva Quiroz is an option. 

The outer finish of the cake is a light pink that’s entirely feminine. It’s also dusted with gold here and there. 

The rose gold cake is decorated with roses against the side of the cake and a large rose on top. The cake has several gold accents in the form of branches with leaves, flower buds, blackberries, a small bird, and a dove. 

It’s another rose gold cake ideal for weddings, but it can work well for a lavish birthday party. 

4. Happy Birthday Balloon Rose Gold Cake 

If you want an unusual birthday cake, the happy birthday balloon rose gold cake by Chloe Jenner can genuinely inspire you. 

The cake has a single white fondant layer with rose gold icing that drips down the side, reminding me of an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day. The cake is topped with a rose gold “happy birthday [name]” cake topper, two rose gold roses on the side of a white rose, macarons in rose gold, and rose gold leaves. 

There’s a confetti balloon next to the cake topper, which helps add height to the topper. 

Looking at similar cakes on Pinterest reveals that some cake decorators add two confetti balloons to many more to decorate their rose gold cakes. (#newtrend) 

5. Chocolate Bark and Donut Rose Gold Drip Cake 

Chocolate Bark and Donut Rose Gold Drip Cake 

For a more playful rose gold cake that’s ideal if you want to celebrate your daughter’s birthday or even just have a “less serious” cake, consider the chocolate bark and donut rose gold drop cake by Nishitha Vikram.

The white base of the cake is decorated with a rose gold drip. You’ll find donuts, pearl dots, a chocolate bar, a meringue, and pieces of chocolate bark in pink, rose gold, cream, and white all over the cake. 

I am tempted to break off a piece of the chocolate bark and try a piece of the cake. 

6. Black and Rose Gold Flower Cake 

Black and Rose Gold Flower Cake 

This black and rose gold flower cake by is a showstopper. The black and rose gold provide such a contrast, and the chandelier-like cake stand adds a touch of elegance and femininity. 

The triple-tier cake has a black bottom layer with hints of rose gold, an all-black middle layer, and an all-rose gold top layer. 

The black roses and flowers that start on the lacy middle layer and end on the top rose gold pearl-dotted layer are stunning. The rose gold leaves further add contrast, making this rose gold cake idea one that is sophisticated. 

7. White and Rose Gold Four-Tier Cake 

White and Rose Gold Four-Tier Cake 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly minimalist cake, this white and rose gold four-tier cake by Selected Venues is ideal. 

The middle and top layers are all-white, but the white fondant has been horizontally scraped to add some texture. 

The bottom and other middle layers have a smooth all-white fondant background. The layers are decorated with rose gold edible confetti. There’s more confetti at the bottom of the cake layer, with the top of the layer simply being dotted with confetti. 

8. White and Rose Gold Macaron Cake 

White and Rose Gold Macaron Cake 

Another minimalist cake design is the white and rose gold macaron cake by The cake is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, or other celebrations. 

The double-tier cake has a pure white fondant finish. The baker painted rose gold metallic lines on the cake to resemble marble. You’ll see pearly white “rocks” here and there on the cake to break up the all-white background. 

Three giant macarons are placed on the cake to highlight the rose gold color and add another textural element. 

9. Fault Line Rose Gold Cake 

Fault Line Rose Gold Cake 

The fault line rose gold cake by Sugar & Sparrow is also a minimalist cake; however, the cake design looks much more involved. 

The cake is a high one layer with a pink rose gold background. The fault line is outlined by gold luster dust, while the inside of the fault line is decorated with pink, rose gold, and white sprinkles. 

This vintage rose gold cake is perfect for any birthday party, welcome back party, wedding, or housewarming. 

10. White and Rose Gold Flower Cake 

White and Rose Gold Flower Cake 

Are you planning a spring wedding? Or maybe your mom’s birthday is in spring? This white and rose gold flower cake by Vanilla Pod is bewitching. 

The high bottom layer of the cake is decorated with white fondant and imprinted leaf patterns. The smaller top layer is copper dusted, and the copper rose gold is a nice complementary color to the white. 

On the side, you’ll find a small bouquet of flowers in white/cream and a soft pink-purple. The leaves are a robin egg blue. 

11. Wrap Rose Gold and White Cake 

Wrap Rose Gold and White Cake

Wrap cakes are all the rage, so I had to include one of these in my best rose gold cake ideas list. has this wrap rose gold and white cake. This cake looks fit for a fairy tale, so it’s perfect for a baby’s birthday, a wedding cake, or any fancy do. 

The cake looks like it is a triple-layer, but instead, the cake is wrapped with a balayage effect. The bottom wrap is dark rose gold, while the middle wrap is lighter rose gold. The “inside” is white, and this part of the cake is decorated with various sized pearls. A few pearls are also placed at the bottom of the cake to complete the look. 

12. Butterfly Rose Gold Cake 

Butterfly Rose Gold Cake 

Anyone who knows me would expect to see something with butterflies on this list, so I got lost in finding a rose gold cake with butterflies. 

This cute butterfly rose gold cake by is decked out in white, rose gold, coral, champagne, gold, and hints of blue. 

The cake almost reminds me of a geode or fault line cake, except that the ⅔ of the cake is covered in a light pink rose gold fondant, and then the ⅓ leftover is white, just like the top of the cake. 

There are pearls scattered on the white fondant. Then there are butterflies in various colors on the cake, and the baker also added a few gold and coral balls to further the visual effect. 

I particularly like that two butterflies are pinned to one side of the cake while the other five are raised off the cake with a wire to add more height. 

13. Olive and Rose Gold Butterfly Cake 

Olive and Rose Gold Butterfly Cake 

Another butterfly cake! This time, the olive and rose gold butterfly cake by AndreaCakeria features a more boho design. 

The cake’s buttercream icing is in a wave pattern, starting with olive green and ending with a mix of coral rose gold and a lighter pink. These are various butterflies, from big to small, pinned on the side of the cake, and pearl dots complete the look. 

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14. Black Cake with Rose Gold Metallic Accents 

Black Cake with Rose Gold Metallic Accents 

If you want an understated yet exquisite look, then the black cake with rose gold metallic accents by Fab Mood Inspiration is the cake you are looking for. 

The extra high bottom layer of the cake is topped by a smaller layer. The all-black fondant finish is broken up with rose gold metallic accents in a marble design along one side of the cake. 

Opt for this cake if you celebrate a milestone birthday or want a black and rose gold cake for your wedding. 

15. Forest Green and Rose Gold Leaf Cake 

Last but not least, I have quite an exciting cake design for you. Allure Bridals’s forest green and rose gold leaf cake features four marbled forest green cake layers. The top two layers of the cake float on top of the bottom two cake layers – thanks to a transparent cake stand on which this unique cake is built. 

While the floating layers steal the show, the cascading rose gold leaves are what your eyes focus on. 

This skinny tall wedding cake is perfect for a winter or fall wedding, but with the addition of a cake topper, it can work as a birthday cake too. 


Question: What color goes with rose gold on a cake? 

Answer: A variety of colors complement rose gold when decorating a cake. Pink is an obvious choice since rose gold is a pink/coppery gold color. Other colors that work well with rose gold are white, black, navy, lilac, lighter shades of blue, light gray, shades of green from mint and olive to forest, cream, and champagne. 

Question: How do you make luster dust with rose gold? 

Answer: To make luster dust with rose gold, mix pearl blush pink powder with metallic ginger glow power in a 3:1 ratio. The luster dust will have a pink hue since the pink powder is the primary color used to make the luster dust. If you want less pink, mix the two powders in a ratio of 2.5:1.5. 

Question: Does gold and rose gold go together? 

Answer: Rose gold is a kind of gold, so you can pair gold with rose gold on your cake, cake pop, or cupcake decoration. Combining gold, rose gold, and other metallic hues give you an attractive color alliance. 

My Final Thoughts on the Best Rose Gold Cake Ideas 

There is no limit to rose gold cake ideas, and each one on my list is unique with different “rose gold” colors – from pink to copper to coral. Various colors make the magical rose gold work. 

Looking for more cake ideas? Then check out our 50th birthday cake ideas or baby shower cake ideas for more inspiration. 

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