Bluey Party Supplies Guide: Everything You Need for a Bluey Birthday Bash!

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Welcome to the Ultimate Bluey Party Supplies Guide! Planning a Bluey-themed birthday party was probably one of the most rewarding endeavors I’ve undertaken as a professional event planner. Though I must admit, that my reasoning is entirely personal. 

As I mentioned in the article “The 16 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas,” my nephew is a huge fan of Bluey. Everything in his life is Bluey-themed — clothes, sippy cups, backpack, etc. He is so obsessed that I volunteered to help plan a Bluey party for his second birthday. It was one of the most adorable children’s parties I’ve witnessed in my 15 years of planning events.

Planning a Bluey Birthday Party meant that I needed to collect Bluey Party Supplies. Please keep reading to see the supplies I used and which ones are the best. 

Bottom Line Up Front

The amount of Bluey Party Supplies available is staggering. I was surprised there were so many versions of each item and at so many different price points! Thankfully, I waded through all those Bluey-themed supplies, so you don’t have to!  

Are you looking for the top Bluey party supply? My favorite of all these supplies is, by far, the cupcake toppers. They were the perfect way to incorporate the Bluey theme into the food without splurging on a Bluey-themed cake. The kids loved these little toppers so much that they kept them long after they devoured their sweet treats. 

Selection Criteria

My selection criteria for this supplies guide were straightforward.

  1. My nephew had to love it
  2. The supplies were readily available
  3. They didn’t break the bank (aka relatively affordable)

I should also mention that I did have a preference for items I could find locally. I reasoned that if my nephew found the supplies ahead of time, he’d use them up. I needed to know that I could find last-minute replacements. I also ran all my choices past my sister-in-law to ensure it was within budget. 

Tips When Buying Supplies

I recommend coming up with your own selection criteria before you start adding items to your cart. Below are a few tips, tricks, and things to consider before buying Bluey party supplies. 

Know Your Budget

As with any party, you need to know your budget upfront so you don’t accidentally overspend. This decision is highly personal, and I can’t tell you what to spend. I can tell you that you need to make sure you know what you are comfortable spending and buy accordingly. The party ideas included below are perfect if you are on a moderate budget. 

Official vs. Unofficial Supplies

It can be hard to know what is official Bluey merchandise and what isn’t. With the popularity of Bluey, it isn’t always obvious. I’ve found that the larger chain retailers tend to carry officially-licensed party supplies.

The official Bluey website ( also has official options, but they don’t have many party supplies. ETSY is an excellent option if you are okay with purchasing from small businesses that might not have official merchandise. You can usually find much more variety for Bluey Party Supplies on that platform.

Buying vs. DIYing

I hear from many clients that they aren’t sure what they should buy and if they should DIY certain things. That is a personal decision, but I always recommend an honest assessment of your time, budget, and creativity level.

The first thing to consider is time. How much time do you have to dedicate to making supplies? Remember, the length of time might be impacted by skill level. Be realistic about your available time and how long it’ll take you to accomplish each DIY project. Decide accordingly.

The next deciding factor is money and your budget. Many people decide to DIY items because of the cost savings. If you are on a budget, consider DIY projects. has many DIY options you can download for free. If you have a modest or even large budget, consider purchasing the supplies. It saves you time, and the results look better (okay, that might just be me & lack of skill). 

Finally, there is your creativity level. Some people are DIY masters, while others have difficulty doing the most basic craft. My family circle comes to mind. One neighbor is a wizard when it comes to DIY crafts; she routinely throws crafting parties.

My mom always attends and tries her very best but ends up laughing heartily at her failed attempts. The moral of the story is: honestly assess your skill level and how comfortable you are with your results. If you have tons of creative talent, jump right into DIY. If you have little to no creative talent, opt to buy or be comfortable with the potential results. 

Most of my clients opt for a combination of both. That said, I don’t want to leave anyone in a lurch. We all have varying supply needs. To ensure you are covered, I want to share all the Bluey Party Supplies you might need. See the supplies guide below for specific recommendations.


When planning my nephew’s party, I needed to make sure that the supplies were available easily and quickly. So, I gave preference to stores with both online and nearby locations. I feared that if my nephew discovered the supplies before the party, they wouldn’t last. I knew he’d get so excited he’d want to use them immediately. I needed to make sure they could be easily replaced and on short notice. 

I’m guessing your little birthday person might do the same, so plan for this possibility. My approach was three-prong:

  1. Buy extra.
  2. Hide supplies in multiple spots, so not everything is discovered early (outside the child’s residence is ideal, but not always possible).
  3. Replacements are easily accessible. Replacement items could be from in-person stores or consider online options with quick shipping options (if a nearby location isn’t possible for you)

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The Ultimate Bluey Party Supplies Guide



There are so many cute Bluey-themed invitations out there. I decided to go with the ones above. My nephew loved them, and it was super easy to customize them. This listing is for a digital download. We printed them at home using cardstock, but you can also get them printed at your local office supply or print shop.

Bluey Balloons

Bluey Balloons

A two-year-old birthday is a perfect occasion for balloons, so I didn’t hold back. I purchased one foil balloon in the shape of Bluey, a handful of blue and orange balloons, and made some DIY Bluey and Bingo balloons. Of all those, I highly recommend a foil balloon.

This foil Bluey-shaped balloon was a hit! It complimented the rest of the decor. I opted to buy one from Walmart because it was the closest location I could find that had helium on site. These foil balloons are sold online by chain vendors. However, they all come flat, and you need to find someone to fill them. I saved myself the trouble and did it all at once.  

Happy Birthday Banner

Happy Birthday Banner

There are so many Happy Birthday banners that it was hard to choose. Some of the ones on Etsy were enchanting, but I couldn’t justify the price. Eventually, I decided to go with cheap over quality. I purchased the above banner from Oriental Trading. It did its job for the party but wouldn’t survive reuse. 

Cupcake Toppers

Bluey Cupcakes

These cupcake toppers are an adorable way to add the whole cast of Bluey to your party. Plus, they were the perfect size for our mini cupcakes. They looked giant when paired with the mini cupcakes; it was the exact visual I wanted. The kids were thrilled and kept the toppers long after their cupcakes disappeared. These are by far my favorite option within the Bluey Party Supplies Guide. 

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I went with these adorable napkins from Party City. The first reason I chose these was that we would be playing “keepy uppy” at the party. For those who haven’t watched that episode on repeat, “keepy uppy” is the game where they keep a balloon in the air. The second reason I love these napkins is they are readily available. We were all terrified my nephew would find them before the party and demand to use them for every meal. Party City is just down the road from their house, so I knew we could easily pick up replacements. 



Like the napkins, I decided Party City was our best option for plates. I went with the dessert plates because they were the smallest option. Most kids were around two years old, so these plates were perfect for snacks and desserts. 



I stuck with these paper cups from Party City to keep things simple. I also knew we could find identical cups at Walmart. I figured I’d be covered if he discovered them too early. I must admit that these cups didn’t elicit the same excited reaction as the plates and napkins, but that might be because they were competing against his Bluey-themed sippy cup and water bottle (both of which he has within reach 24/7). 

Bingo Favor Bags 

Bingo Favor Bags 

What we used: 

The whole family made favor bags using the template and instructions on That was at the request of my nephew. We made more Bingo favor bags than Bluey. My nephew felt we were leaving her out. The bags were reasonably easy to create; my nephew even helped! The project was just time consuming. 

What I recommend:

b-day bags

Clearly, those bags aren’t an easy-to-purchase supply. So, I wanted to share the favor bag I almost purchased. I highly recommend the following favor bag: 

I had them in my cart when I got a call from my sister-in-law saying my nephew wanted the ones on the Bluey blog. While my nephew’s request won out, I still highly recommend purchasing these bags from Party City. I particularly love this option because they are easily accessible, cost-effective, and ready to go. 

If you need something more heavy-duty, try favor boxes that can hold more weight. 


I had a blast trying to come up with fun but cost-effective favors. The following are three of the Bluey-themed favors I used.

Keepy Uppy balloons

Keepy Uppy balloons

I added a single deflated balloon in their goody bag and a note on how to play Keepy Uppy. That decision was purely to keep on budget. If you want to pre-buy this type of favor in cute packaging, consider KatCanMakeThat on Etsy. They come with a perfect Bluey-themed package and are an easy addition to the favor bags.

Bum worms (packages of gummy worms) 

Bum worms (packages of gummy worms) 

The phrase “bum worms” might sound gross to the adults reading this, but the kids think it is hilarious. I assure you that the kids at my nephew’s party did; they couldn’t stop laughing as they ate them. I recommend buying pre-packaged gummy worms. I used the ones from Oriental trading:

You can easily add a customizable label saying “bum worms” on the Bluey themed background. 

Dance Mode Key Ring

Dance Mode Key Ring

I love this dance mode key ring. It is a favor I decided to buy outright. It was rather expensive for a favor ($8 each), but since the rest of the items didn’t cost much, I decided it was worth it. Thankfully, my sister-in-law agreed.

Bluey Coloring Packs

Bluey Coloring Packs

I found these adorable Bluey Coloring Packs on Etsy. Each little package comes with coloring pages and three crayons. There are multiple designs to pick from, and you can add stickers to each pack if you desire. Plus, all the options had a low cost per pack ($1.90 to $2.05 each). I decided to go with these because Infinite Bliss Gifts was highly rated. The reviews were correct; these packs were good quality for the price!

Options I Considered but decided against:

I also had two items on the supply list that I decided against. At first, they seemed like a good idea, but they didn’t fit the criteria. Since my criteria (namely, my nephew’s taste in supplies) might not match yours, I wanted to include the options in this guide. 

Bluey Piñata

Bluey Piñata

One option I heard about time and time again was a character piñata. Everyone I talked to about the party seemed to recommend a Bluey-themed Piñata. However, I caution you to consider this carefully. My nephew would burst into tears if we asked him to hit his favorite Bluey characters, especially since he thinks Bluey is the same dog as his grandma’s dog. His belief that Bluey is a living dog made me decide against a piñata for this party. However, I am willing to bet not all kids will have the same reservations, beliefs, and emotional attachment.

Pin the Tail on Bluey

Pin the Tail on Bluey

When thinking about a Pin the Tail on Bluey game, I had to think about similar issues. My nephew wouldn’t have cried with this one if we had used tape. However, he would have still equated the game to his grandma’s dog. I envisioned that he might decide to start sticking paper tails to the actual dog. His Mom and Grandma agreed this wasn’t a risk they were willing to take. That isn’t a consideration for all birthday kids. It would be an excellent game for many kids out there, so I wanted to include it here.

Bluey Party Packs

One thing I considered but decided against was Party City’s supply pack. They have a set for eight guests and 16 guests. I loved that they came pre-packaged. Nothing beats not having to think about each individual item on your list. Supply packs make it incredibly easy. I was disappointed that the packages were only available for 8 and 16. It didn’t line up well with my nephew’s guest list. 

Bluey Tableware Kit for 8 Guests 

Bluey Tableware Kit for 8 Guests 

Bluey Tableware Kit for 16 guests 

Bluey Tableware Kit for 16 guests 

Similarly, I considered a decoration pack from Amazon. Unlike the Party City option, it focused on decorations and didn’t include the tableware set. I liked that it had balloons, a backdrop, and both a cake topper and cupcake toppers. However, I knew my nephew would prefer other decoration options. He wouldn’t have necessarily known the difference, but I would have. I decided to stick with my selection criteria and go for the things he’d love the most. 

Bluey Birthday Supplies / Party Decorations 

Bluey Birthday Supplies / Party Decorations 

These Bluey supply packs are excellent options for anyone looking to simplify the supply-buying process. They just weren’t for me/my nephew. Like I said before, your special birthday kid might have different tastes and considerations. I’d recommend you at least consider this option and evaluate if it’s right for you.

Large Character Cutouts 

Large Character Cutouts 

I loved these large character cutouts from Etsy. KhaleesisCreations allows you to custom order your cutout. You can select various sizes (18 to 42 inches) and multiple characters (Bluey, Bingo, Chili, Bandit, & any combination of them). I was initially looking at the smallest size and just Bluey for the sake of space. I knew my nephew would be over the moon with this decoration. My sister-in-law agreed wholeheartedly.

He’d certainly love it, but she thought he might like it too much. She was concerned his love for it might mean he’d never let her get rid of it. She imagined having to convince him he didn’t need to take it to daycare and/or sleep with it and the tantrums that would ensue. That is how he is with his Bluey water bottle, but a water bottle is much easier to carry around. After that conversation, I decided to keep the idea to myself and not get that one for him.

I recognize that your little birthday person might not have an excessive attachment to Bluey objects like my nephew. It’d be perfect for a Bluey birthday party and would allow for a more immersive experience for the kids. Something about nearly life-sized cutouts adds a sense of magic to kids’ parties. 

Bluey Cake Topper

Bluey Cake Topper

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to go with cupcake toppers and highly recommend them. They were a huge hit. However, I did consider going the cake/cake topper route before ultimately going with mini cupcakes. I wanted to share with you the Bluey Birthday Cake Topper I loved when researching my options.

This Bluey and Friends Cake Topper is listed by Go Go Party Creations CA on Etsy. I loved that you could easily customize the topper with the child’s name and age. The only downside was that it was going to be shipped from Canada. Living next to the US/Canada border, I routinely see how customs can hold up international shipping. You’d just need to plan accordingly.


Question: What is your favorite place to buy party supplies?

Answer: That is a tricky question. I tend to start with Etsy; I love supporting small businesses. However, that isn’t always the most convenient when looking for cheap, disposable items. I also like to rely on in-person stores such as Party City, Target, or Walmart. While they certainly don’t need the business, they are typically close by and well-stocked. I’ve planned enough events in my life to know that it’s always helpful to have a place to grab backups on the day of the event. 

Question: Who is Bluey? And Bingo? How do I learn these characters quickly before the party?

Answer: Great news: you only need to sit through one episode of Bluey to identify the family. Bluey and Bingo are brother and sister. Their parents are Bandit (the dad) and Chilly (the mom). There are also around 20 minor characters that appear occasionally. See the official Bluey website for a complete list of characters: It has a helpful bio for the four main characters and shorter blurbs for the rest. 

Question: Should I DIY Bluey Party Supplies or Buy Them?

Answer: The DIY vs. Buy question is an ongoing concern for party planners. The decision is up to you, but I can give you a few things to consider when trying to decide. The three most significant factors are time, money, and creativity level. See my notes earlier in the article for a deeper dive into each factor and how to honestly access each one.

Personally, I typically buy the things I don’t have the time to do or the creative skill to accomplish. Then I DIY the things I can create quickly and easily. Your answer should come down to what you find easier. If you want to buy everything, this Bluey Party Supplies Guide will certainly help you find the best supplies available for purchase. 


I hope you enjoyed the list. These Bluey party supplies are perfect for your next Bluey-themed party. I know my nephew LOVED these party supplies, so I’m betting any kid who loves Bluey will be ecstatic.

Out of all the Bluey Party Supply Guide options, I have to say my favorite by far are the cupcake toppers by PartySparkleDesign. My main reason revolves around how much my nephew loved them; he was thrilled that they had multiple characters from the show. He spent 5 minutes telling us the names of every character and how they related. His guests were also excited about the toppers. After licking the icing off, they held onto it for the rest of the party and even added them to their goodie bags. I wasn’t expecting that reaction but was pleasantly surprised. On a practical note, I highly recommend them because they are an affordable, low hassle way to incorporate the theme into the desserts. They’d be an excellent addition to your Bluey party supplies list!

Are you having a Bluey party of your own? I’d love to hear which Bluey party supplies you are using!

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